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Arkansas LAP Roundup

This week in the LAP roundup, we focus on the Arkansas Judges and Lawyers Assistance Program’s (JLAP). Some of the services provided by the JLAP include confidential referrals and interventions, and drug and alcohol abuse. The program’s professional staff is headed up by executive director Gail S. Harber, PhD, LADAC; the current committee chair is […]

Arizona LAP Roundup

Arizona LAP Roundup

Continuing our roundup of lawyer assistance programs, this week we feature the Arizona Bar Association’s Member Assistance Program (MAP). This program holds meetings for a Lawyer Support Group, and provides services including a 24-hour crisis hotline. Members can also check out books from the program’s library, the contents of which are listed on their website. […]

Alaska LAP Roundup

This week’s state-by-state roundup of materials focuses on the Alaska Lawyers’ Assistance Committee. The Committee is organized by the Alaska Bar Association – they provide services to members as well as their families and associates when a member is suffering from substance abuse. Contact information for members of the committee can be found on the […]

Canada’s Legal Professional Assistance Conference

Canada's Legal Professional Assistance Conference

The Canadian Bar Association’s Legal Professional Assistance Conference (LPAC) was formed to help lawyers, judges, law students and their families deal with times of personal or emotional crisis, stress, addiction and other issues. LPAC helps members of the legal profession tackle these issues through a network of Lawyer Assistance Programs (including provincial programs) and a […]

Alabama LAP Roundup

Alabama LAP Roundup

Kicking off our weekly state-by-state roundup of materials is the Alabama LAP program. Their site features a series of articles that were recently published in The Alabama Lawyer: Carrying His Legacy – written by an Alabama lawyer, about her lawyer, to help other lawyers Accommodation or Transformation Addressing the Unthinkable: How You Can Constructively Deal […]

ABA Commission on Lawyer Assistance Programs

ABA Commission on Lawyer Assistance Programs

Every week on the LA blog we highlight a different State LAP program, but to get this process started, we’d like to showcase the American Bar Association’s Commission on Lawyer Assistance Programs (CoLAP). The CoLAP website is rich with documents – their newsletter, ‘Highlights’, is published quarterly, with older issues available online. CoLAP also offers […]

Why Lawyer Addiction?

Why a blog on lawyer addiction? A difficult question, with a number of answers, but three that remain prominent in my mind are: altruism, challenge, and giving back in an appropriate way. Let me touch on each of these briefly. First, altruism. In considering resolutions for 2009, I am inspired to do something different and […]