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Kentucky LAP Roundup

Established by Kentucky’s Supreme Court Rules, the Kentucky Lawyer Assistance Program (KYLAP) aims to “address impairment or potential impairment issues within the Kentucky legal community and to offer confidential assistance to those who are affected in a manner that serves to help insure a continuing high standard of professional competence. “ While the KYLAP website […]

Lawyer Addiction Blog Sponsor The Meadows Introduces Integrated Evaluation Program

On the Addiction Recovery Reality blog, The Meadows’ Integrated Evaluation Program has just been announced. The program gives clients an opportunity to consult with a team of treatment professionals, which comprises a psychiatrist, primary care physician, addiction medicine specialist, clinical psychologist, and nutritionist. The team works collaboratively to provide the client with a thorough and comprehensive […]

What Lawyers Need to Know About Suicide During a Recession

On May 6, 2009, the American Bar Association will present a teleconference/live webinar on “What Lawyers Need to Know About Suicide During a Recession: Prevention, Identity and Law Firm Responsibility“. The program looks at two aspects of suicide during a recession: the role of lawyers in preventing suicidal behaviour in clients and colleagues, as well […]

Illinois LAP Roundup

The Illinois Lawyers’ Assistance Program (LAP) has a three-fold mission : To protect clients from impaired lawyers and judges To help lawyers, judges, and law students get assistance for alcohol dependency, drug addiction, and mental health problems To educate the legal community about addiction and mental health issues To achieve the goals of its mission, the […]

Iowa LAP Roundup

This week, we’re sharing some information about the Iowa Lawyers Assistance Program (ILAP). The ILAP website includes a checklist for helping to assess whether you have a problem, and also some significant facts about the legal profession and alcoholism, depression, and how often disciplinary cases involve impaired lawyers. ILAP helps attorneys in need by arranging […]

Lawyer Addiction Blog Sponsor The Meadows Launches New Website

The Meadows Addiction Treatment Center, which sponsors the Lawyer Addiction Blog, recently rolled out an online collection of FAQs relating to drug rehab. addresses common concerns and uncertainties about choosing a facility and attending rehab, and deals with aspects such as family involvement, day-to-day living, and life post-rehab.

Indiana LAP Roundup

This week’s featured LAP is the Indiana Judges’ and Lawyers’ Assistance Program (JLAP). JLAP offers a variety of services for members of the profession who are dealing with mental health, substance abuse, and other issues. JLAP runs a number of monthly peer support group meetings, and has a large collection of electronic resources on such […]