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Massachusetts LAP Roundup

Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers (LCL) is Massachusetts’ lawyer assistance program, and has been helping lawyers, students, and judges and their families since 1978. LCL’s website is full of useful information: self-tests, articles, etc., on topics ranging from alcohol and drugs abuse to depression, career concerns to stress and burnout. There’s also an interesting Q&A section […]

Maryland LAP Roundup

The Maryland Lawyer Assistance Program (LAP) is a committee of the Maryland State Bar Association, and provides confidential, professional assistance to the legal community. LAP offers a weekly “12 Step Professional’s Support Group Meeting” in Baltimore. The program website includes extensive links and articles on topics such as grief, anger, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, illness, substance abuse […]

Maine LAP Roundup

This week’s LAP is a relatively new one. The Maine Assistance Program for Lawyers and Judges (MAP) was created in 2002, and has three purposes: to protect clients, assist members, and educate the bench, bar, and public about impairment in the legal profession. The program “was established to prevent or alleviate problems before they jeopardize […]

Louisiana LAP Roundup

The Louisiana Lawyers Assistance Program (LAP) provides confidential assistance to members of the Bar who are struggling with alcohol or drug abuse, gambling, and mental health issues. Lawyers and judges can obtain immediate and absolutely confidential help from a group of other lawyers, at least one of whom is recovering from the same impairment. The […]