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Minnesota LAP Roundup

This week’s LAP is Minnesota’s Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers (MNLCL). MNLCL provides a Lawyers’ Assistance Program that helps students, lawyers and judges deal with alcohol and drug abuse, addiction, mental health issues, stress, and “any condition which negatively affects the quality of one’s life at work or at home”. Among the services MNLCL offers are […]

Dealing with Impaired Attorneys

The latest issue of the ABA’s Law Practice Today webzine includes an article by Sheila Blackford entitled “Dealing with Impaired Attorneys“. The article details how the current economic downtown means more stress for lawyers, who as a professional may already be more susceptible to alcohol dependence. Depression, too, is common among attorneys, and generally under-diagnosed. […]

Michigan LAP Roundup

The Lawyers and Judges Assistance Program (LJAP)  is Michigan’s lawyers assistance program. LJAP helps lawyers, judges, their families, and employees of the State Bar with issues related to emotional and mental health, substance abuse, gambling, family crises, stress, and other struggles. LJAP is run by licensed and certified mental health and addiction professionals who provide […]