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New Jersey LAP Roundup

This week’s feature LAP program is the New Jersey Lawyers Assistance Program (NJLAP). Its purpose is “to provide assistance to attorneys, members of the judiciary, law students, and law graduates with alcohol, drug, gambling, emotional, behavioral and other personal problems that affect well-being and professional performance”. NJLAP offers confidential consultations, practice assistance, and support groups. […]

Montana LAP Roundup

Montana’s Lawyer Assistance Program is the State Bar of Montana’s Lawyers Helping Lawyers Committee. Its purpose is “to provide a statewide network of assistance to lawyers, judges, legal staff, law students, and professors troubled by alcoholism, other forms of chemical dependency, stress, depression, or mental health problems.” The Lawyers Helping Lawyers committee offers a confidential, […]

Missouri Lawyers Assistance Program

This week’s feature lawyer assistance program is MOLAP: the  Missouri Lawyers Assistance Program. MOLAP provides free, confidential services to members of the Missouri bar, their families, and law students. Counselling, lawyer support groups, addiction interventions, crisis interventions, and education are MOLAP’s main services. MOLAP’s website includes personal stories, self-screening questionnaires, the MOLAP newsletter, and articles […]

Mississippi LAP Roundup

This week, we’re spotlighting Mississippi’s Lawyer Assistance Program, the Lawyers and Judges Assistance Program (LJAP). Providing confidential assistance, the program offers services such as: Law & Life:  Enjoy Both – a wellness program for the legal profession Support Groups (including stress support groups, Lawyers in Recovery, The MS Bar Annual Convention) Lawyers in Transition – […]