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Nebraska LAP Roundup

The Nebraska Lawyers Assistance Program (NLAP) was created in 1995 by the Nebraska State Bar Association with a view to helping “lawyers, judges and law students troubled by substance abuse problems, stress, depression and other types of disorders which may impair their ability to perform in a competent and professional manner.” NLAP’s main methods of […]

North Dakota LAP Roundup

This week’s featured lawyer assistance program is the North Dakota Lawyer Assistance Program (LAP), which was created in 2004. LAP is operated by a six-member Lawyer Assistance Committee, and its purpose is to “prevent and alleviate problems that adversely affect a lawyer’s performance.” Often these problems stem from mental health or substance abuse issues. The […]

North Carolina LAP Roundup

This week, we spotlight two separate lawyer assistance programs in North Carolina: the North Carolina Lawyer Assistance Program and BarCares. The Lawyer Assistance Program (LAP) website lists a host of services including peer counselling, extensive resource links, many articles and newsletters, as well as research papers. Addiction and depression are two frequent areas of support. […]