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Sanctions, Depression, and Addiction

Lawyers Weekly recently ran an article that readers of the Lawyer Addiction Blog will be interested in. “Lawyers Starting Over” (Christopher  Guly, Oct 16/09 issue) describes the intersection of depression with law society sanctions, and outlines the huge range of emotion and behaviour that lawyers face when they are suspended or disbarred, often as a […]

Book of Interest: Getting a Winning Verdict in My Personal Life

We recently came across a new book that will be of interest to readers of the Lawyer Addiction Blog. Gary Gwilliam is a California trial attorney who wrote about his experiences with alcoholism in his 2007 memoir, Getting a Winning Verdict in My Personal Life: A Trial Lawyer Finds His Soul. To read excerpts from […]

Ohio LAP Roundup

This week, we’re focusing on OLAP, the Ohio Lawyers Assistance Program. OLAP’s mission is to “provide confidential help to lawyers, judges and law students suffering from alcoholism, substance abuse or other addictions, or mental illness.” The OLAP website includes lots of useful resources, including: Self-tests for drug & alcohol abuse and depression Extensive informati0n on […]