Alabama LAP Roundup

alabamaKicking off our weekly state-by-state roundup of materials is the Alabama LAP program. Their site features a series of articles that were recently published in The Alabama Lawyer:

Alabama LAP also offers a downloadable brochure titled, Ethics, Lawyer Liability and Risk Management: Best Practices for addressing Lawyer Impairment.

Contacts for their 2008-09 Lawyers Helping Lawyers committee are available on the website, and the current committee chair is Sabra Barnett.

One Response to “Alabama LAP Roundup”

  1. […] Earlier we introduced the Alabama Lawyer Assistance Program (ALAP) and its various services and resources. One service available to Alabama lawyers is the Alabama Lawyer Assistance Foundation (ALAF), a nonprofit 501(c) (3) corporation managed by an elected Board of Directors. (Here is a list of the members of the 2009-10 Board of Directors.) The purpose of the foundation is to provide financial assistance to Alabama lawyers who suffer from addiction, depression, and other mental health illnesses, but who lack the resources to pay for appropriate help. […]