Canada’s Legal Professional Assistance Conference

Canadian Bar Association's Legal Profession Assistance Conference

The Canadian Bar Association’s Legal Professional Assistance Conference (LPAC) was formed to help lawyers, judges, law students and their families deal with times of personal or emotional crisis, stress, addiction and other issues. LPAC helps members of the legal profession tackle these issues through a network of Lawyer Assistance Programs (including provincial programs) and a nationwide 24-hour help line.

The LPAC website includes links to each province’s and territory’s LAP. LDAC offers a number of resources as well – both for those seeking assistance from LAPs, and manuals for Legal Assistance Program Directors, like ‘A Desk Reference Manual on Drugs & Substances of Abuse’ and ‘A Study of Treatment Outcomes: Learning to Let Go of the Results’.

Another notable service offered by LPAC is an apprenticeship program it formed with the New Jersey State Bar LAP, available to new LAP directors and other staff. According to the LPAC website, “Students learn under the leadership of one of the most talented, experienced and highly regarded Executive Directors in North America. LPAC personnel from four Provinces have taken advantage of this cutting-edge program.”

The executive director of LPAC is Joyce Stewart; a list of LPAC Directors and contact information is available on the Legal Profession Assistance Conference website.

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