Illinois LAP Roundup

The Illinois Lawyers’ Assistance Program (LAP) has a three-fold mission :

  • To protect clients from impaired lawyers and judges
  • To help lawyers, judges, and law students get assistance for alcohol dependency, drug addiction, and mental health problems
  • To educate the legal community about addiction and mental health issues

To achieve the goals of its mission, the Illinois LAP offers services such as consultation, information and referral, peer support and counseling, and interventions. The LAP also provides speakers to present to students, bar associations, law firms and other organizations on the effects of addiction and mental illness on the legal profession.

The LAP website includes topical information on the types of addictions, how to get help, and stories of recovery (read one judge’s story of recovery from alcoholism). Annual reports, video, and a photo gallery are also present.

Janet Piper Voss is the Executive Director; Hon. James M. Radcliffe, III is the Associate Director, and Susan C. Riegler is the Clinical Director. Contact information for these staff members as well as general contact details are available at the Illinois LAP website.

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