Iowa LAP Roundup

This week, we’re sharing some information about the Iowa Lawyers Assistance Program (ILAP). The ILAP website includes a checklist for helping to assess whether you have a problem, and also some significant facts about the legal profession and alcoholism, depression, and how often disciplinary cases involve impaired lawyers.

ILAP helps attorneys in need by arranging treatment, counseling, peer support or other help as required, and “considers the attorney’s unique circumstances in suggesting a course of action and in assisting the lawyer in need, the law firm or the family.”

Be sure to see the honest and poignant personal story by ILAP Director Hugh Grady. In it, Hugh details how he went from being a successful trial lawyer to being addicted to drugs and pleading guilty to aggravated theft, and how a lawyers’ assistance program helped him through every step of his recovery.

The association’s 1-800 number and other contact details are available at the ILAP website.

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