Maine LAP Roundup

This week’s LAP is a relatively new one. The Maine Assistance Program for Lawyers and Judges (MAP) was created in 2002, and has three purposes: to protect clients, assist members, and educate the bench, bar, and public about impairment in the legal profession. The program “was established to prevent or alleviate problems before they jeopardize a lawyer’s or judge’s practice and profession as well as offering help and assistance at any time.”

MAP reminds visitors that “problems are not a sign of failure but an opportunity for growth”, and offers a 24-hour, toll-free hotline where members of the profession can get confidential help and advice. Services provided by MAP include help for substance abuse, depression, gambling, eating disorders, family problems, etc.

David W. Kee is MAP’s Director. His contact information is available at the MAP website.

One Response to “Maine LAP Roundup”

  1. Bill Nugent is the current Director of the Maine LAP, following the retirement of David Kee. His contact information is:

    PO Box 4811, Portland, Maine 04112