Massachusetts LAP Roundup

Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers (LCL) is Massachusetts’ lawyer assistance program, and has been helping lawyers, students, and judges and their families since 1978.

LCL’s website is full of useful information: self-tests, articles, etc., on topics ranging from alcohol and drugs abuse to depression, career concerns to stress and burnout. There’s also an interesting Q&A section for “non-legal questions about the human side of lawyering.” A unique feature of the LCL website is a section devoted to law students, which includes FAQs and resources especially for students.

Reflecting the needs of the current economic climate, LCL is putting together a peer support group for laid off/unemployed lawyers. LCL staff members are frequent panelists in bar association events and conferences. Three times per year, the program produces a newsletter, “Briefings”, which generally includes a feature article, news from the director, and a calendar of LCL events.

The phone numbers for LCL’s general and judges’ helplines are available at the LCL website, along with contact info for LCL’s Executive Director, Gina Walcott-Torres.

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