Michigan LAP Roundup

The Lawyers and Judges Assistance Program (LJAP)  is Michigan’s lawyers assistance program. LJAP helps lawyers, judges, their families, and employees of the State Bar with issues related to emotional and mental health, substance abuse, gambling, family crises, stress, and other struggles. LJAP is run by licensed and certified mental health and addiction professionals who provide free and confidential services.

The LJAP website has a wealth of resources, including articles, videos, self-tests (including one for internet addiction), and links to other websites. There is an extensive list of AA and NA meeting times/locations held throughout the state, including meetings specifically for women lawyers and judges. You can also check out LJAP’s latest newsletter and archives.

The Law Students’ Assistance Service (LSAS) is also part of LJAP. This program is aimed at supporting “the success of all students and is well-suited to help those individuals who are worried that their history of mental health or substance abuse-related incidents may be of concern to the State Bar Standing Committee on Character and Fitness.” LSAS is free, confidential, and can provide students with short-term counselling and  email/phone consultations, among other services.  The LSAS section of the LJAP site highlights AA groups for students and has testimonials from students who have sought and received help from LSAS in the past.

LJAP’s Program Administrator is Martha Burkett. Contact details for her and the other LJAP staff, as well as the program’s toll-free helpline, are available at the LJAP website.

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