Minnesota LAP Roundup

This week’s LAP is Minnesota’s Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers (MNLCL).

MNLCL provides a Lawyers’ Assistance Program that helps students, lawyers and judges deal with alcohol and drug abuse, addiction, mental health issues, stress, and “any condition which negatively affects the quality of one’s life at work or at home”.

Among the services MNLCL offers are mentoring, assessment and referral, interventions, support and therapy groups, and education and prevention CLEs.

Sections of the website include real-life stories, information, self-assessment tools, and support and counseling details for:

Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers also publishes a newsletter called Witness to Recovery. The Summer 2009 edition has recently been published.

MNLCL’s Executive Director is Joan Bibelhausen. Ellen M. Murphy-Fritsch and Diane Markel are Case Managers. For their contact details and a list of 2008-2009 board members, visit the Staff section of the MNLCL website.

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