Mississippi LAP Roundup

This week, we’re spotlighting Mississippi’s Lawyer Assistance Program, the Lawyers and Judges Assistance Program (LJAP). Providing confidential assistance, the program offers services such as:

  • Law & Life:  Enjoy Both – a wellness program for the legal profession
  • Support Groups (including stress support groups, Lawyers in Recovery, The MS Bar Annual Convention)
  • Lawyers in Transition – provides support for attorneys changing the type of law they practice or transitioning out of the profession
  • Smart Start – education for law students
  • Lawyers Helping Lawyers – an annual convention aimed at re-energizing and strengthening the peer volunteer network
  • Law and Life Library – a library of books, pamphlets, audio/video tapes and articles on a wide variety of topics including addiction, alcohol, co-dependency, gambling, marriage and family, mental health, panic attacks, parenting, sexuality, stress, suicide, workaholism, etc.

Betty M. Daugherty is the Director of LJAP; her contact information is available here. Committee members’ contact details are also available on the LJAP website.

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