Montana LAP Roundup

Montana’s Lawyer Assistance Program is the State Bar of Montana’s Lawyers Helping Lawyers Committee. Its purpose is “to provide a statewide network of assistance to lawyers, judges, legal staff, law students, and professors troubled by alcoholism, other forms of chemical dependency, stress, depression, or mental health problems.”

The Lawyers Helping Lawyers committee offers a confidential, toll free 24-hour helpline, and can also assist with suggesting treatment options to an impaired member of the legal community or a concerned party. Lawyers Helping Lawyers does general education on mental health and chemical dependency, including a Lawyers Helping Lawyers CLE that focuses on stress and impairment and how the legal community can deal with these issues amongst its members.

Lawyers Helping Lawyers’ Helpline Counselor is Mike Larson, who can be reached at 1-888-385-9119 or (406) 660-1181. Committee co-chairs are Sharon Novak and Dee Pohlman.

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