Nebraska LAP Roundup

The Nebraska Lawyers Assistance Program (NLAP) was created in 1995 by the Nebraska State Bar Association with a view to helping “lawyers, judges and law students troubled by substance abuse problems, stress, depression and other types of disorders which may impair their ability to perform in a competent and professional manner.”

NLAP’s main methods of assistance are:

  • Assessment and referral
  • Interventions
  • A peer support network, comprised of  “judges and lawyers throughout the state of Nebraska who are themselves recovering from alcohol and other drug addiction, psychological problems, and impairment caused by other conditions.”
  • Education, prevention, and awareness

The NLAP website includes statistics and details on impairment, as well as “Another Bar Exam”, a list of questions to determine whether one might have a problem with substance abuse.

Concerned lawyers, judges and law students are encouraged to call NLAP’s 24/7 toll-free hotline at 1-888- 584-6527.

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