North Dakota LAP Roundup

This week’s featured lawyer assistance program is the North Dakota Lawyer Assistance Program (LAP), which was created in 2004. LAP is operated by a six-member Lawyer Assistance Committee, and its purpose is to “prevent and alleviate problems that adversely affect a lawyer’s performance.” Often these problems stem from mental health or substance abuse issues.

The LAP works on a referral basis, with referrals coming from:

  • District Inquiry Committees
  • Disciplinary Board
  • North Dakota Supreme Court
  • The State Board of Bar Examiners

A lawyer may also refer oneself. A referral form is available on the LAP website. LAP will work with the lawyer to develop an Individualized Assistance Plan, and track the lawyer’s progress and compliance.  Confidentiality is the hallmark of the program.

LAP may be reached at  (701) 255-1404.

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