Why Lawyer Addiction?

Why a blog on lawyer addiction? A difficult question, with a number of answers, but three that remain prominent in my mind are: altruism, challenge, and giving back in an appropriate way.

Let me touch on each of these briefly. First, altruism. In considering resolutions for 2009, I am inspired to do something different and support the community my business serves. While it would be easy to further entrench myself in web 2.0 content, I am choosing to march to my own drum beat, and give back in a way that has the potential to make a difference.

My second reason is challenge.  I am looking to expand my personal experience back into a topic that I did my undergrad degree in.  If I can couple my interests (people putting their lives back on track) with my expertise (web publishing, blogging, and aggregating content), I feel pretty confident that I can contribute. And really, that’s the expectation here – to contribute.

And third, I am looking to give back in an appropriate way related to my skills; expect this be one of the few posts written from a personal perspective.  In the coming weeks, I will be setting up tracking technologies to collect content related to Lawyers effected by addiction, including LAPs, publications, academic sources & newspaper coverage.  Highlighting and sharing those content sources will be this blog’s core function. That may evolve over time; but for now, expect the focus will remain on information that 1) helps Lawyers who face addiction, or 2) helps those groups that provide front-line support.

Content submissions are welcome, but must be directly on topic. LAP programs are invited to submit their latest news and events, or contact Steve Matthews for further information on contributing directly.

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