Tennessee LAP Roundup

This week’s featured LAP is the Tennessee Lawyers Assistance Program (TLAP). TLAP helps lawyers, law students, and judges with issues such as stress and burnout, anxiety, depression and mood disorders, anger management, work-life balance, substance abuse,  process addictions (such as food, sex, gambling), and grief and loss. TLAP also assists lawyers who are processing cases with disturbing material.

TLAP provides assistance through many channels, including a toll-free help line (1-877-424-8527), support groups, referrals, interventions, and education. All calls to TLAP are confidential and free.

The organization’s website includes an overview of TLAP’s history, resources including a twice-yearly newsletter, and links to other helpful organizations.

TLAP’s Executive Director is Laura Gatrell; its Commission Chairperson is Teresa Jones. Contact information for executive and commission members is available at the www.tlap.org.

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