Utah LAP Roundup

Utah’s lawyer assistance program is Lawyers Helping Lawyers (LHL). LHL delivers its services though volunteer peer mentoring, support groups, and continuing legal education. (Two innovative programs are Yoga for Lawyers and The Other Bar,  “a network of recovering lawyers and judges who are dedicated to assisting others within the profession who are suffering from alcohol and substance abuse problems”). Free counseling is available to Utah state bar members via Blomquist Hale Consulting. These services are paid for through bar dues.

LHL’s website offers specific guidance on stress, depression,and addiction. LHL is also active on Twitter and Facebook.

The chair of LHL’s Board of Trustees is S. Brook Millard; Marianne McGregor Guelker is the Administrative Assistant. Contact details are available at the LHL website. To reach LHL toll-free, call 1-800-530-3743.

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