Washington LAP Roundup

The Washington State Lawyer Assistance Program (LAP) is our focus for thisĀ  roundup. LAP helps Washington state lawyers, judges and third-year law students with direct, confidential mental health and addictions counseling, by licensed psychologists Dr. Dan Crystal and Barbara Harper.

LAP also offers education and referrals, and has a large peer counselor network to help lawyers who need support, particularly in the areas of mental health, substance abuse, job-related and diversity issues. The LAP website includes resources on aging & retirement, addiction, depression, eating disorders, and stress. LAP also has a lending library of books that WSBA members may borrow.

LAP is also offering job seeking support through weekly and monthly group meetings

LAP’s toll-free number is 1- 800-945-WSBA. Contact details for LAP Coordinator Peggy Harkrader are available at the LAP website.

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