Wisconsin LAP Announces New Member Roster

The Wisconsin Lawyers Assistance Program (WisLAP) has posted a new Committee Members Roster, updated as of August 23, 2010. Information is also available for others interested in committee participation.

As explained earlier, WisLAP is Wisconsin’s lawyer assistance program, and “provides confidential assistance to help lawyers, judges, law students, and their families cope with problems related to the stress of practicing law.” Through a network of over 150 trained volunteer lawyers and judges, WisLAP operates on the premise of Lawyers Helping Lawyers and Judges Helping Judges to address problems such as alcoholism, substance abuse, addictive behavior, and psychological problems.

Via the help line at (800) 543-2625, WisLAP offers the following services 24/7 on a confidential basis, without requiring callers to disclose their identity and without keeping any case records:

  • Initial evaluation
  • Referrals
  • Peer assistance
  • Consultation
  • Education, including CLE programs
  • Outreach
  • Intervention

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