Lawyers face problems with addiction at rate more than 50% higher than the general population. That statistic is cited twice on the homepage of CoLAP, the ABA Commission on Lawyer Assistance Programs.  While this blog is not affiliated with CoLAP, it is inspired by the work they do.  In fact, Lawyer Assistance Programs, or LAPs, are timely sources of help throughout the US and Canada, and represent a growing movement around the world.

These groups form an underlying context for the Lawyer Addiction Blog, and represent key sources of information. Our objective with this blog is to help the flow of web-published content for those within the legal field:

  1. whose lives are under attack by addiction; or
  2. who volunteer their time  to help provide solutions.

As stated in our introductory post, this blog will highlight content associated with lawyers who are effected by addiction. Our sources will include LAPs, blogs, publications, academic sources & newspaper coverage.

Content submissions are welcome, but must be directly on topic. LAP programs are invited to submit their latest news and events, or contact Steve Matthews for further information on contributing directly.