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Lawyers and Depression

Today’s post was authored by Hal Nevitt, Director of the State Bar of Arizona Member Assistance Program. We welcome his submission as well as those from other lawyer assistance programs. Life in today’s world can be tumultuous, particularly with the recent change in the economic structure of our lives. Even in the best of times […]

Sanctions, Depression, and Addiction

Lawyers Weekly recently ran an article that readers of the Lawyer Addiction Blog will be interested in. “Lawyers Starting Over” (Christopher  Guly, Oct 16/09 issue) describes the intersection of depression with law society sanctions, and outlines the huge range of emotion and behaviour that lawyers face when they are suspended or disbarred, often as a […]

Book of Interest: Getting a Winning Verdict in My Personal Life

We recently came across a new book that will be of interest to readers of the Lawyer Addiction Blog. Gary Gwilliam is a California trial attorney who wrote about his experiences with alcoholism in his 2007 memoir, Getting a Winning Verdict in My Personal Life: A Trial Lawyer Finds His Soul. To read excerpts from […]

Lawyer Addiction Blog Sponsor The Meadows Introduces Integrated Evaluation Program

On the Addiction Recovery Reality blog, The Meadows’ Integrated Evaluation Program has just been announced. The program gives clients an opportunity to consult with a team of treatment professionals, which comprises a psychiatrist, primary care physician, addiction medicine specialist, clinical psychologist, and nutritionist. The team works collaboratively to provide the client with a thorough and comprehensive […]

Lawyer Addiction Blog Sponsor The Meadows Launches New Website

The Meadows Addiction Treatment Center, which sponsors the Lawyer Addiction Blog, recently rolled out an online collection of FAQs relating to drug rehab. addresses common concerns and uncertainties about choosing a facility and attending rehab, and deals with aspects such as family involvement, day-to-day living, and life post-rehab.